Homosexuality in Bollywood

Written on November 24, 2010 – 2:54 am | by jwolpoe

I finally found the article that I mentioned in class, so I wanted to share it:

Bollywood Gay Film Hits Screens

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  1. 2 Responses to “Homosexuality in Bollywood”

  2.   By Chiara Johnson on Dec 5, 2010 | Reply

    Attractiveness would be a factor for me. xP (partially) kidding.


    I did a quick google search because I remembered something about a gay female Bollywood star being mentioned relatively recently. It seems that homosexuality is acknowledged as long as it isn’t accepted.


    You’ve probably already seen this so I’m probably just linkspamming, but I usually take an interest in homosexuality in cinema and the media, especially overseas, and especially in India since my mom watches Indian and Bollywood movies all the time.

  3.   By itorres102 on Dec 7, 2010 | Reply

    well it is quite interesting how homosexuality is still not accepted overseas. too bad homosexuals have to strrugle so much for their feelings. this is a situation where you think do i want to be me or something tht i’m not…. that’s why with all the right they have to be what they want, why people dont respect them? who we are to say the way to love. that’s why the art of film gives us the opportunity to show and see what sometimes seems to be impossible. but with a lot of work and demonstration we can show the audience that everybody is unique special and we have to respect that. great topic!

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